PayPal Fraud!

It’s back to work for most of us again in this country.  Though still a bit hung over the weekend festivities, I’ve gotta psyche myself back to the corporate grind.  I am hoping for a good start of the week today.

So, off I went doing my morning ritual.  Coffee. Oatmeal. The morning papers.  All went good until I opened my email.  This is what greeted me this morning.  I got a message from PayPal confirming a $7.99 “payment” I made for a software.

What ticked me off was that I didn’t purchase anything online.  What’s more, I found out that my password has been changed!  I couldn’t even check my available balance.  Last I knew, I have about $10 remaining.  I wanted to dispute the transaction by wrting Paypal, but was given a U.s. nimber to call.  I still haven’t reached them.  This is the confirmation notice I got from PayPal:

Payment Details

Transaction ID: 2PW64538RY582534S
Item Price: $7.99 USD
Total: $7.99 USD
Invoice ID: 59ae7858-d8c5-4147-b06b-ac827f8e8e13

It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in the Recent Activity list on your Account Overview.

Business Information

Business: NetDragon Websoft (Hong Kong) Limited
Contact E-Mail:

Your Unconfirmed Address

Shipping Info:  

All along I thought Paypal is safe.  Well, I guess not.  Has someone else experience such fraud?  Help!  I don’t want this ever to happen again.  It’s good that I was able to withdraw bulk of my funds last week.  Darn! Thats hard earned money in there.


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  1. eric says:

    this is the reason i DO NOT deposit/transfer money to my PayPal that I can’t risk to loose.

    just keep on disputing your claim from PayPal, they have all the tools to audit trail the transaction.

  2. Not good that is why I advise to have a difficult password in having transaction thru Paypal or other money broker site

  3. Nako, could it be that your PC/laptop’s been compromised? You probably should check into that too. Pwede rin nadala ka to a phishing site. Anyhoo, I hope maayos mo yung pag-dispute mo dyan.

  4. Ada says:

    I agree with Dexter, your password in Paypal should be difficult and different from all your account online such as forums, or other websites need password login.

  5. marikenya says:

    naku, i’m so sorry to hear about this. napa-widraw tuloy ako agad bigla.

    i’ve heard about such paypal hacking in the past. it’s really annoying when it happens to you, glad u don;t have much money in there when it was hacked.

    i hope paypal could privde better security for users like us but online transactions are never that secured. there will always be security bridges.

    better think of a very hard password once yoru account is reset.

  6. nina says:

    With Paypal and online banking, it’s important that you use a password that you don’t use for your other accounts, and make sure that it’s something that would be hard to guess (no names, dates, etc.) Also, I don’t think it’s wise that you publish your full name and address in your blog, even if it is your office address.

  7. Hi gail, gosh! I never experienced this and i hope not in the near future. Paypal is my life lol!

    anyways, i think it helps to keep changing your password everymonth. i do that.

  8. Heiner says:

    Just today, I also received such a fraud transaction. Obviously there’s some bigger PayPal hacking going on.

    I’ve heard lots of bad stuff about PayPal in the past, but now I’m through with them: As soon as this case is cleared, I’ll close my PayPal account forever.

    On a side note: I’m an IT expert. I’ve had a secure password, and my computer has not been compromised. Someone actually must have hacked in to the PayPal system.

    I leave it to you to consider what that means about PayPal security.

  9. Heiner says:

    As a final note, my “NetDragon” conflict has been solved. PayPal tried to get the money from my bank account, I told my bank to deny it.

    As for PayPal, I told them this was a criminal fraud, that someone has actually hacked into my account.

    Their reaction: “The seller has agreed to pay back the money to you. Case closed.”

    Once again, I leave it to you to consider what that means about PayPal.

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