PayPal Fraud!

It’s back to work for most of us again in this country.  Though still a bit hung over the weekend festivities, I’ve gotta psyche myself back to the corporate grind.  I am hoping for a good start of the week today.

So, off I went doing my morning ritual.  Coffee. Oatmeal. The morning papers.  All went good until I opened my email.  This is what greeted me this morning.  I got a message from PayPal confirming a $7.99 “payment” I made for a software.

What ticked me off was that I didn’t purchase anything online.  What’s more, I found out that my password has been changed!  I couldn’t even check my available balance.  Last I knew, I have about $10 remaining.  I wanted to dispute the transaction by wrting Paypal, but was given a U.s. nimber to call.  I still haven’t reached them.  This is the confirmation notice I got from PayPal:

Payment Details

Transaction ID: 2PW64538RY582534S
Item Price: $7.99 USD
Total: $7.99 USD
Invoice ID: 59ae7858-d8c5-4147-b06b-ac827f8e8e13

It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in the Recent Activity list on your Account Overview.

Business Information

Business: NetDragon Websoft (Hong Kong) Limited
Contact E-Mail:

Your Unconfirmed Address

Shipping Info:  

All along I thought Paypal is safe.  Well, I guess not.  Has someone else experience such fraud?  Help!  I don’t want this ever to happen again.  It’s good that I was able to withdraw bulk of my funds last week.  Darn! Thats hard earned money in there.


9 thoughts on “PayPal Fraud!

  1. this is the reason i DO NOT deposit/transfer money to my PayPal that I can’t risk to loose.

    just keep on disputing your claim from PayPal, they have all the tools to audit trail the transaction.

  2. I agree with Dexter, your password in Paypal should be difficult and different from all your account online such as forums, or other websites need password login.

  3. naku, i’m so sorry to hear about this. napa-widraw tuloy ako agad bigla.

    i’ve heard about such paypal hacking in the past. it’s really annoying when it happens to you, glad u don;t have much money in there when it was hacked.

    i hope paypal could privde better security for users like us but online transactions are never that secured. there will always be security bridges.

    better think of a very hard password once yoru account is reset.

  4. With Paypal and online banking, it’s important that you use a password that you don’t use for your other accounts, and make sure that it’s something that would be hard to guess (no names, dates, etc.) Also, I don’t think it’s wise that you publish your full name and address in your blog, even if it is your office address.

  5. Just today, I also received such a fraud transaction. Obviously there’s some bigger PayPal hacking going on.

    I’ve heard lots of bad stuff about PayPal in the past, but now I’m through with them: As soon as this case is cleared, I’ll close my PayPal account forever.

    On a side note: I’m an IT expert. I’ve had a secure password, and my computer has not been compromised. Someone actually must have hacked in to the PayPal system.

    I leave it to you to consider what that means about PayPal security.

  6. As a final note, my “NetDragon” conflict has been solved. PayPal tried to get the money from my bank account, I told my bank to deny it.

    As for PayPal, I told them this was a criminal fraud, that someone has actually hacked into my account.

    Their reaction: “The seller has agreed to pay back the money to you. Case closed.”

    Once again, I leave it to you to consider what that means about PayPal.

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