Happy Holloween

Ah… its the time of year again where ghouls and spooks roam the streets.  It’s time again for Trick or Treat.  Next to Christmas, Holloween comes second close in the list of my favorite holidays.

In our house Holloween means three things:1) family; 2) kids; 3) food.  As always, family member would swarm the house so we always have something prepared.  While I stocked up on candies for the kids, the kitchen seemed forever busy with lots of cooking going on.

We cooked all of Dad’s favorite dishes–kare-kare, caldereta, spring rolls, paella.  Dessert was pichi pichi and of course, coffee.  I observed this year’s celebration is a little lighter on all of us.  Since Dad’s passing two years ago, I can safely say that we have moved on.  OF course the loss is still there (Im not even sure if we really want theat void to be filled or forgotten), but this year seemed better. 

So with a fervent prayer and a warm gathering, we celebrated the memories of those we loved and passed on…


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