Pictures, At Last


This post is for my brother Titan and his family who are currently based in the U.S.  Since we rarely get the chance to talk to him, much less see them, Im sending out these pictures. 

This is also (finally) the much awaited chance to present the latest addition to the family.  Her name is Christina Marie Guanio, born August 20th.  After much prodding, Paz, at long last shared copies of the pictures to me.  So here…let’s for the nth time congratulate the new proud parents, Paz and Doin Guanio.

Of course, due to insistent public demand, I am also including pictures of the cousins, the moms and the dads of the family. 

These are the shots taken during Paz’s birthday.  We had a marvelous time pigging out and chilling with the kids.  As usual, you guys were dearly missed.






One Comment Add yours

  1. Whee pics at last 🙂
    titan said thanks!

    Cristina look a lot like doin lol! Actually her eyes and smile is very Pia Guanio hahah! Don’t you think so?

    Pero ang dungo kay nining 🙂

    Nicole is so so pretty, i couldn’t quite figure sisay kamukha ni tamtam hee 🙂

    thanks for sharing and regards to everyone mwah!

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