Mom, Ive got an “awwie”….


Have you ever had moments where suddendly for no reason at all you wanna rush home and check out on the kids?   To miss family all of a sudden is one thing.  But getting the urge to rush to their side is another.  Mother’s instinct, I suppose.  Well, last night was no diffrent.

When I reached home, I found Julia crying her lungs out, fingers submerged in icy water.  Yaya told me that hot water spilled on Julia’s thump.  I thought it was just a “minor” accident but when I lifted her fingers, my mouth fell open and was stunned to see a thin layer of skin sticking out.  I was too shocked move, I only remember pacing to and fro dialing my pedia’s number.

I wanted to scream and suck the living daylights out of my daughter’s yaya but I forced myself to remain in control and do the best thing at the moment–seek medical help.  Julia’s cries were piercing my heart and weakening my knees.  I couldn’t tear my daughter from yaya’s arms and she didn’t want to remove her hands from the icy water.  When I finally got hold of my doctor, she immediately prescribed paracetamol to ease the pain.  We then put a thin layer of Flamizinne, a potent burn ointment on the affected area.  Within minutes, Julia was asleep.

When everything was settled, I finally got the courage to ask yaya what happened.  It turned out, Julia was in the water dispenser, trying to put water in her bottles.  Yaya claimed that she didn’t she her because she was busy fixing Kobe’s dinner.  I didn’t know how to react, much less what to say.  She was very apologetic.  Hubby was no better in handling the situation.  He was furious and refused to talk to yaya.

Later in the night, the maid approached me and said that she was really very sorry and that she was to leave by Nov 30th.  I still haven’t decided.  I am still confused.  I’d like to ask you folks, if you were in my shoes… what would you do?


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  1. arelente2 says:

    It is not your choice weather you should convince her to stay or not. Of you traded places, you will fell the guilt and automatically resign.

    All you need to do is that to make her feel that you (maybe not your husband) harbor no angst and anger. And that she is given (if you want to) another chance.

    Just to let you know that if your skin is scalded and burned, as much as possible, never wet it.

    Do know that things do happen for a reason.

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