No Reservations in Manila


I have always a fan of travel and food shows.  In fact, I spend almost all of my TV hours (well, except for my usual teleserye notes) watching Nigella Lawson, Jamie oliver, Iron Chef, Barefoot Contessa, even the Asian Food Channel.  Aside from the exciting kitchen action, the mouth watering food preps, I find food travel really very culturally uplifting.

No Reservations

When it comes to food culture and travel, one name top them all–Anthony Bourdain.  I found myself hooked in this guy.  I don’tknow but there’s something so intriguing about him.  His food adventures are for the record.  Imagine going around the world, fearlessly tasting what the country has to offer. No squirmish expressions.  Just plain search of the gastronomic thrill.  NO RESERVATIONS. 

Now, that Mr. Bourdain has arrived in Philippine shores, there is even greater reason to get my fill of NO RESERVATIONS.  I heard he already did got down and stoked in Pampanga, drowning himself with beer and our famous sisig.   Here’s a note:  Tony’s Phil Tour itenerary is confidential.  So we’ll never where he’d be next.

 Well, I sure can’t wait till the episode airs.


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  1. he went to claude tayag’s resto in pampanga and met the sisig…that’s the only info I got so far 😛

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