Being No. 1

Okay, since Im back to my regular programing, I’d like y’all to know that my son’s  Soccer Tournament ended with an unexpected bang (at least for the team).  The RIFA games ended last Saturday with a championship match for all winning teams.  

The Marist Midgets Team made it to the finals.  You can tell that there’s so much pride in my writing here, but a week before the games and on the day itself, I was a nervous wreck!  The thought of Kobe being blamed by his teamates for not blocking the ball was nightmare to me.  To tell you frankly, I begged Hubby to let me stay at home.  But then, the mother’s voice in me prevailed so off I was to the games.

All throughout the match, I gripped my rosary and prayed hard, not for the win, but more for Kobe to NOT miss a shot.  The air was already thick with anticipation as parents cheer and coach their kids.  Hubby was no exception.  We were in for a long, hot day.  There were only three games per team but the waiting time seem to take forever.  We lost the first game.  So, we were automatically categorized in the level B matches.  We took the rest of the games (2 plays) by storm.  My son never missed a ball.  It was evident that her gave his best.  The rest of the team played to win, as well. 

The result–1st Place (Category B) Midgets Group.  We won over Xavier School, Headsen, and Don Bosco.   Hep, hep hurray!


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