Justice, anyone?

The recent release of Claudio Tehankee has once again weakened my faith in our justice system.  Imagine, letting out a cold blooded murderer who has been sentenced to life imprisonment.  Whatever possessed the President to issue such a clemency? 

I am totally dismayed.  Just the thought of how our Mr. Bad Guy was discreetly released after his brother, Manuel “passed” by the DOJ gives me the creeps.  It is a stark evidence of how corrupt the government is.  It can be remembered that Claudio Tehankee brutally shot Maureen Hultman and Roland Chapman in 1991.  The crime had been one of the most celebrated cases to hit the courts and the political scene .  

 Well, this only proves that freedom in the Philippines comes with a price tag.  Too bad only the rich can afford it.  I woundn’t be surprised if, one day, Antonio Sanchez would walk down the street a freeman.


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  1. Jigsz says:

    it’s so unfair … how can they do this?

  2. bingskee says:

    and rolito go and everybody who can palm money to those crocs, abby.

    to answer the how, jigsz – they have power, money, evil conscience – everything and anything to do such evil deeds.

  3. newcomment says:

    im adding you now.. have a nice day and take care!

  4. Marites says:

    it’s really sad to hear that and they say they are trying to be fair and just. HUH! 😦

  5. chad says:

    What kind of executive clemency implemented by the president who will giving pardon of a person whose commited and sentenced a crime I think that the president review all the cases who will asking for parole in her desk. Hope she will not be able to be bias for the poor and give much favor to the well known person like this.. i think theres a lot of person in jail who will much more qualified for executive clemency allowed by the president.. it is very obvious that the president is bias with her decision for giving a pardon of a person that the crime commited is unjustified

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