The New Jackie O

My interest in the elections in the U.S. goes beyond Barack Obama.  Though I keep tabs every now and then, I keep my eye on a popular fixture on the campaign trail: Michelle Obama.  Im glad that she recently made it to the Best Dressed list. I totally agree with the public.  Since I saw her on the Ellen show, I knew she’s bound to make heads turn with her fashion statement.

Im not really a fashion expert, but I know beauty when I see one.  Classy, feminine, and confident.  That’s what I think her look tells us.  Michelle’s choices reminds me of Jackie Onasis (one of my all time fave fashion icon).  Check out these photos and you be the judge:


Michelle Obama wardrobe    

The person behind Ms. O’s signature looks is Maria Pinto (in photo with Michelle). A young designer from Chicago.  It’s a welcome surprise that a young, bold homegrown designer might just make it to the White House.


5 thoughts on “The New Jackie O

  1. I think that even without the money, she would probably find some interesting things to wear. She’s just got great syle. I love her.

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