The New 90210

The moment I heard, I knew this I gotta see.  As a fan of American TV series, I found myself once hooked with these kids.  For some reason, a substantial part of my growing up years in the 90’s was influenced by this hit series.  Now that there’s actually a spin-off, I can’t wait to get my fill.  Im talking about the new and hip TV series 90210. 

8 PM

It’s September 2 pilot, two-hour episode, which I have yet to see raked mixxed reviews.  I’ve only managed to catch snippets of past episodes and, I think its ok.  Of course the music kinda stands out.  Cool and hip.  The plot, well, is not too far from the original, with few improvements, though.  A welcome surprise was the presence of two original BH 90210 leads, Jeannie G and Shannen D.  Yup. Kelly now is the school’s Guidance Counselor and Brenda plays the a teacher.  I got a kick watching these two ladies reunite.

For the new bloods, Im sure, they’ll find traces of their teen lives peeking thru the new 90210 kids– Annie, Dixon, Ethan, Ty, Erin and Naomi.  Well, that is, if and when our networks get a franchise for it.  In the meantime, youtube is your next best choice… LOL


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