Julia’s Ad Experience

Julia and I had a very pleasant, memorable experience some few days ago when she got invited to do a VTR for an Ad Agency in Makati.  More than my daughter, I was really the one very excited and nervous at the same time.  We were asked to bring pictures and outdits that she might need.  It turned out, the agency was looking for kids to appear in a TV ad for children’s clothingline.  I came with my cousins that day.

When we got to the Agency, we were taken aback because most of the kids they recruited were school kids already (6-8 yrs old) and mostly caucasians.  Julia was the youngest and the only Filipino kid there.  The interview went funny.  Here’s how’d it went:

Agent:   Hello, little girl
Julia:   Hi
Agent:   What’s your name?
Julia:     I don’t know…
Agent:  What are you going to do for us?
Julia:    Sing and dance
Agent:  Ok, what will you sing?
Julia:    Payong! (everyone burst into laughter!  I was totally clueless on what song  is   this.  Yun pala, its the Filipino version of Rhianna’s “Umbrella”)
Julia:   (Upon hearing the chuckles) Oh wait! Im singing “Umbrella” na lang.

And she did sing a few lines from the chorus.

“Under my umbrella….ey,ey,ey. Under my umbrella”

After that, she suddenly developed some shyness and decided to hide behind us.  No, we didn’t get the part but I was ecstatic nontheless.  She was very good and her “performance” was unexpected, considering her very young age.


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  1. Ennah says:

    naalala ko tuloy yung mga times na pumupunta kami ng tita ko sa mga vtr nyung bata ako. palpak ako sumagot. hehehe. pero walang hiya ako nyung bata ako. hehe

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