The Right Age to go to School

I received an interesting mommy tag from Jean.  A friend of hers is planning to open a school for toddlers, so a bit of information from us moms would be a great help.  Jean wants to know “What is the right age to send our kids to school”.  Here’s what I think:


1. Add your blog to the list. If you’re keeping multiple blogs, it’ll be fine if you add them all up and just post your answers in one of those blogs.
2. IMPORTANT: kindly get back to me [MAICEL] so i will be able to visit your sites, read your answers and include you in the master list.
3. Please do copy from Start to End.
4. You may tag as many online friends as you please.

Copy this Participants List: 


Do you have kids?
Yes, Joaquin and Julia.
How old are they?
Joaquin  is 8 yrs and Julia just turned 3.

What do you think is the ideal age for the kids to be sent to school?

It depends on how the child shows his readiness.  I started Joaquin at age 4 but he got bored.  Next attempt was when he was 5.  Julia on the other hand, seem to mature early.  But I don’t wanna rush things. She’ll start when she’s 4.

Would you consider sending your 3-year-old toddler to school?
playschool, perhaps.
Explain your reasons.
Although kids as early as 2 years readily absorbs lots of information, i believe that their formative years still needs to be honed at home.  This is a great opportunity for parents to bond and process information to the child.  Little gym is fine but, like I said the child must be ready.


Now, I’d like to know what you think, girls: Rachel, Cheryll, Arlene, and Julianna



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  1. sunshineforlife says:

    hi abby, just done the tag. 🙂 sorry for it took me awhile to do it.

    have a nice day!

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