My Worst Hospital Experience, Ever!

Hi, peeps! I just had the most unforgettable, worst hospital experience a couple of days ago.  Grabe, kasumpa-sumpa talaga!  Allow me to share it and may this also be a warning to everyone to stay clear of this hospital.  Here’s what happened:

I rushed my daughter Julia to this hospital last Wednesday afternoon for emergency treatment because of severe asthma.  Although Julia was being treated at home, Hubby and I opted to bring her to the nearest hospital in our place (Marikina) because her airwaves were blocked and nebulizations seem to worsen her ailment.  We wanted oxygen to be administered to her, the soonest to relieve her.  We were confident that the hospital would do so because just the day before, Hubby brought Kobe to them for the same treatment.

When I told the nurse about Julia’s situation, I was aghast at her remark.  She told us that per policy, before they administer treatment, they would require a doctor’s order.  I said that this is precisely why we are in the emergency room- for a doctor to attend to her.  I was already irate by her statement.  I asked her if there is a doctor manning the emergency room.  She pointed to the man behind the desk.  Now, I was fuming! Imagine the doctor was just in front of me looking at us, doing nothing.  Why can’t he attend to my daughter?  He is, afterall on duty at that time.  To my dismay, the “doctor” said, no, insisted that we have to go to the second floor and consult with the pedia.  I felt blood rise to my head and the walls caving in.  My daughter was already wheezing like crazy and her breathe were getting shorter each minute.  I looked at the doctor straight in the eye and tried to explain, but all he did was turn his back and attended to other patients!

While I was fuming, and in the verge of crying, the nurse ushered us to the pedia’s clinic in the second floor.  Another setback.  When we finally were in the clinic, the secretary wanted us to wait because there were other patients before us.  I told her that this is an emergency case, therefore we cannot afford waiting.  Again, I was given the over used “this is our policy thing”.  Hell broke loose that moment.  I began really getting mad and raising my voice in fustration.  Thank goodness, the pedia heard us.  She immediately came to us and checked Julia.

Same thing.  The very reason why we went to the emergency room in the first place.  Oxygen and nebulization.  The very same thing they did to Kobe.  The very same thing the doctor in the emergency room refused us of.  S—!  It was too late.  The oxygen and nebules didn’t work well that afternoon.  Julia’s asthma took a heavy turn, she had to be admitted.  Hydrocortisone had to be given intravenously.

We wanted to bring her to another hospital but decided otherwise because Kobe was still sick and Hubby had to work.  There would be no one (except the yaya) to wacth him.  I figured, in case Kobe’s asthma worsens, we could easily bring him in for treatment (hospital was like 1000 meters away from the house).

Having no choice, we complied.  The pedia assured me that hopefully in a day or two JUlia might be discharged.  We took a room in the 3rd floor (no elevators, mind you!).  The service was bearable, what irked me was the sky rocket price of the medicines!  Hell, they’re about 40% higher than most drugstores.  No wonder even their pharmacist advised us to buy outside.

We were confined for two and a half days.  I thought that the worse was over.  Nothing prepared me for the last day.  I had such a difficult time dealing with paperworks, particularly the Philhealth documentation.  Being once in HR, I, somehow know the process in these requirements.  So, I came prepared.  The day before our discharge, I went to the office and asked for the Philhealth certification needed for its processing.  Guess what?  It turned out that this hospital still required us to present my daughter’s birth certificate.  I have never, ever, heard of such thing.  My kids and I have been in and out of hospitals but never was this document asked from us.  Buti na lang, we live nearby.  What’s more, the cashier wanted to take ALL the original medicine receipts!  I lost my cool again and refused violently.  Why? What for?  These receipts belong to me.  I have yet to submit them to the office for reimbursement.  I treathened to call Philhealt and our HR department.  It was only then they accepted photocopies of them.

When everything was setlled, I finally had all the reciepts.  I noticed that I was charged PhP1,300 for a doctor’s PF.  When I inquired, who the doctor was, I was told that it was for a certain Dr. Garcia.  I complained that I should NOT be charged for it because there was only one attending physician, the pedia, Dra Junio.  In fact, I told them how could there be another doctor when the doctor in the emergency room refused to treat my daughter.  Although, I do recall a doctor visiting our room every morning.  He would look at the chart, ask how Julia was doing, then leave.

Well, as it turned out, I was he is, pala the owner of the hospital and, yes I was being billed for his “visits”.  Heck, he even never introduced himself and didn’t even give any diagnosis! QUE HORROR!  Again, I was told that it’s the hospital’s policy that the owner would make compulsary rounds to all the patients everyday.  Naturally, everyone will be billed for such a “humanitarian act”.

I tell you, folks, I lost the very thin temper I have for them.  Hell hath no fury like a mother scorned! To say that I was unpleasant was an understatement.  I vowed never, ever to come back again.  Aside from over priced medicine, bad service, the  act of taking advantage of their patients is utterly unbearable and uncalled for.


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  1. Ada says:

    I know that hospital. Pangit talaga dun. Nung bata ako dinala ako doon pero walang pumanpansin saken, mamatay na ako’t lahat hindi ako inaasikaso, wala kaming nagawa kundi lumipat ng ibang hospital.

  2. cheryll says:

    oh gosh! so sorry for julia. the last time I was there at the emergency room with my daughter naman for an eye infection. Para lang I know what to do during the night kasi she can’t open her left eye. Pinakamalapit kasi na hospital diba, eh worry wart ako, bordering on OA. I was so worried so sa er ko dinala. Hehehe.

    Anways, she was treated and was prescibed antibiotics and this medicine na I forgot na. hehehe..

    Suffice to say, my daughter was well received . Kasi as soon as we entered the ER lahat sila lumapit. Tapos we were not even billed. Ok nalang daw. Balik daw kami when the pedia is on duty. Anyways, di na kami bumalik kasi sa regular pedia ni ni cheska namin sya dinala. Hehehe.

    Bakit kaya ganon. Hmmm. Nakaka badtriip nga. Sana you could have called me or texted me.. I can help you out with the pagbabantay.

    Tsaka I know you.. siguro they were scared out of their wits. Hahaha!

    How’s Julia and Kobe now? Hopefully better. Uso kasi ang sakit because of the weather.

    ((Hugs)) to you.. Next time you text me para may kasama ka.

  3. PADLOCK says:

    What do you expect from this stupid country. This country suck!

  4. Ennah says:

    it’s sad to hear that there are hospitals like that. the good thing was julia was ok. 😀 just think the brighter side of things.

  5. Gosh abby, que horror talaga, minsan na lang ngani ako makavisit sa blog mo 😦

    anyways, I am just glad that julia is a-okay now and I hope she and kobs stay better.

    post ka man daw pic kang baby ni nining heheh 🙂 btw, nakua na nindo si box?


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