An Affair to Remember

I can’t believe I ran out of home movies to watch.  We have almost a hundred dvd’s at home and I’ve watch all of them already.  Well, kinda.  I still have Hubby’s adult film collection waiting. Nah… I haven’t got the appetite for a bunch of raunchy genres, LOL!

Anyways, out of despiration, I searched the house for cd’s and dvd’s that I might not have seen yet.  My search led me to my father’s stuff.  I haven’t really seen all his collection before.  Somehow, he didn’t strike me as someone who loved movies and music.  I knew him to be a newspaper and magazine guy.  I was impressed by his cd’s: Frank Sinatra, Madonna, Bee Gees, Diana Ross, Celine Dion, Jazz Collection, Micheal Jackson.  Heck! he even has Paula Abdul!  I promise, one of these days, Im going to listen to them.

Since I was really bent on watching, I looked harder.  Viola! I found two old vcd’s.  This, I thought was probably Dad’s favorite.  Imagine, two versions of the SAME film.  In case you’re wondering, here they are:

An Affair to Remember1957 film starring Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr

Love Affair1994 remake starring Annette Benning and Warren Beatty

I saw the remake some few years back , but didn’t realize that the 1957 classic was even better.  I loved everything about the classic, including Cary Grant and Debrorah Kerr’s fashion style.  I didn’t know how good looking he was. Hmm… I think I see traces of the 50’s influences in the runways lately.

I spent one of the most entertaining afternoon watching these movies.  It was a refreshing surprise for me.  Trust good, old dad to be quite a life saver.


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  1. jean chia says:

    hello abby! you’ve just been tagged coz you’re a mommies blogger! come quick, k! 🙂

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