Winning Game

Over the course of our marriage, I have come to appreciate Hubby’s night out.  We would have half a dozen of his friends over with wives (and sometimes kids) in tow every Saturday night for a serious game of poker.

While our boys are battling the card game, us girls are busy hovering over the kitchen bringing endless supply of food, drinks and talk.  This have been our weekly thing, a ritual for the past six years now.

                                               Full Tilt

Up until Hubby changed workshift.  Now that he works on the weekends, poker nights have taken an unexpected halt.  Boohoo.  Now that the card table is empty, Saturday nights are a drab.  Good thing Hubby found a cool way to beat his boredom.    He discovered PokerStars, one of the largest online card rooms in the country today.  Got himself signed up using the PokerStars Marketing Code, and was surprised to know that there are available bonus opportunities just by using these codes.  It’s like winning without even playing!  The PokerStars Bonus Code offers players up to 150% initial deposit. Another reason to be happy about is that upon using the the Full Tilt Referal Code, Hubby got an additional perk of 100% initial deposit (up to $600) and an entry to FTR 500.  This amazing bonus can be earned easily well, you earn at almost every level you play.

Now that his friends have signed up, poker nights will never be the same again.


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