For The First Time, the Movie

Just like the rest of the movie going population, I, along with a handful of officemates became part of the throng of curious crowd that couldn’t pass up the chance to see ABS-GMA film venture, For The First Time.  With all the hype, I figured it would be quite something considering the movie is indeed a very first venture of two fueding networks.  Plus, with Richard Gutierrez and KC Concepcion playing the lead, such event is a feat too irresistable to ignore.

“For The First Time” is a story about two very diffrent people who met and fell in love in the picturesque Santorini Island in Greece .  Richard plays Seth,a rich, carefree, and impulsive taverna manager.  While Pia (KC) is the ambitious, prim and proper girl who he meets and spend an unforgettable summer together.  Like a cliche, the story tells of how love changes a person.  Seth changes and succumbs to love, while Pia lets her guard down and allows cupid to take the reigns.

I must say, the scenery is spectacular.  Hipnotic, even.  Anyone, being in the same surroundings would really find themselves in the clutches of love.  Its the perfect honeymoon destination.  As for the leads performances, KC did quite a convincing job for a first timer.  Impressive.  Richard, on the other hand, was a hunkful of hotness.  His lines, were really cheesy , though.

Not bad, except for the fact that I recognized some storyline taken from the popular TV series, “Gossip Girl”.  It was disappointing and disheartening, really.  Proof once again, that we have no originality.  How the hell did the camera clicking gossip catcher ended up in the story, I have not the faintest idea.

Oh, well… If your looking for a barkada chick flick and if your a hopeless romantic, this one would probably top your list.

photo courtesy of showbiz opinion

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  1. Juliana says:

    Hi Abby….

    Welcome back….hahaha.

    I’ve seen a lot of You Tubes on this 2 stars….I got curious to say the least. I used to follow the Sharon/Gabby loveteam….follow means I read about them but never went to watch any of their films in theaters.

    Musta na?


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