Out of the Comfort Zone

People who work with me could easily conclude that I found my comfort zone.  I have been playing the field for eleven years now and everything about my job is second nature, something as natural as the air I breathe.  The predictability fits perfectly like a glove, and it suits me just fine. 

Until recently, an old familiar itch is gnawing on me.  For the past weeks I have been discreetly “scratching” the itch to venture out of my comfort zone.  Perhaps the recent events in the office got me thinking about this.  In retrospect, I believe that a small voice have been there, begging to be heard all along but I was just busy or to scared to even acknowledge it.  Well, there is a season for everything and I this is not an exception.

I wouldn’t say that Im burned out.  Heck, no.  On the contrary, I feel that there’s still a lot of room for adventure and growth for me.  Let’s just say that I want a change of scenery and of course some greener grass to plow on (who doesn’t?).

This, plus workload, and my new Boss is what kept me very busy (and exhausted and silent!) the past week.  Not to mention the numerous send-off parties I had to organize for my outgoing Boss.  I remember arranging a total of six send-offs.  Everyday for two weeks, a new Group wants time with her.  That meant lunch or dinner or karaoke nights.  Whew!

Now that things seem to be settling a bit, and I’m done with my “office visits”, I can finally calm down and watch fate do its course.  I’m scared but I believe Im ready to take the risk.  No rush, though.  I don’t want to short change everything.  Sacrifices has to be made.  I am praying that I will be guided to the right path.


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