A Whole Lot of Blogging to Do


There’s just so much to write about.  I deliberately made myself disappear in the blogsphere, not because of work but because these past few weeks, I felt empty.  The will to write has left me and I consciously let the writer’s block set in.  Would you believe I contemplated on deleting this blog?

I don’t know that possessed me to even think of doing so, but the temptation was quite a feat to overcome.  I couldn’t find a worthwhile reason to write.  To make matters worse, my camera broke some few days ago.  Right now Im having it fixed and at the same time contemplating of buying a new one.

But now, I seem to get my groove back.  Thanks to friends and, you you believe, my “readers”.  I really didn’t realize that my work mattered. Thanks for the concern, comments, and the messages.  It was really heartwarming to know that you guys are looking up for updates about this blog.

I am fine.  Inspiration is finding its way back.  My fingers once again excited to capture the thoughts.  Here I am refreshed and ready.  CARPE DIEM!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Marites says:

    was feeling the same the past few days but just forced myself not to stop or will be stopping for a looooooooong time:) happy writing again!

  2. constance says:

    hey abby, glad you continued. i was feeling exactly like tat once or twice with early august deciding to stop blogging altogether. but now, i’m also back. lets take it easy and not let ourselves be slaves to it. smell the roses sometime.

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