Back to Work!

Hah… after more than a week of confinement, Im finally free and back to work!  Funny how I’ve missed everything in the office.  Even the smell of photocopy paper was a welcome treat for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I sure did made most and actually had a good time at home.  Like I said, I was able to focus on being a mom this past week.  If there’s one thing I regret not doing for the kids, that would be cooking for them.  Huhuhuhu.  Thank heaven for their new yaya.  Her name is Rose, she started working for us  just a couple of days ago.  Aside from being a good care provider, I found out that she is an excellent cook.  She makes almost everything from scratch.  No short-cuts, no instant anything.   Imagine she managed to whip up a kick ass “sisig” and yang chow fried rice two days ago.  Hubby was impressed.  Now, I don’t have to worry about unhealthy food for the family.  One thing though, Rose doesn’t shere her recipies.  Tough luck! (perhaps in time, I’ll be able to squeeze them out…)

Anyways, back to work.  Today is actually my second day.  Yesterday was really hectic for me.  You know.. pending stuff and cobwebs.   It was also the first time I’ve met my new Boss.  It was really akward on my part because my eyes were still puffy and all that.  So, I really didn’t get a good look at him.  I also have tons of filing to do.  My workarea needs a major “sprucing up” plus, there’s a host of other things I have to do for my outgoing Boss. 

My absence must’ve caused an impact.   Since I came back, more than a handful  has been asking if I’ll be resigning (or joining my Boss).  Hmmm… I remember addressing the same question a few weeks ago.  I may have plans but not in the nearest future.  I thought it to be settled.  Guess I was wrong.  Same questions and more have been ringing in the office recently.

Have i missed something?  Or Im just too blind (and deaf) to read the “signs”?  One thing is for sure:  CHANGE IS INEVITABLE.


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  1. cheryll says:

    hala! before I resigned a took a picture of my cubicle… And now you took a picture of yours. Baka nga it’s sooner than you think.

    anyways, i could not see the tag that you made and since tapos mo na yung tag na yun.. may isa pa.

    this tag is interesting kasi it made me reminisce about the “past”. if you know what I mean so do yours agad kasi I would like to see your answers. Hahaha!

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