20 Yummiest Cakes in Town

9 thoughts on “20 Yummiest Cakes in Town”

    1. can i just add to this blogs… purple oven’s cakes/products might be delicious but the bosses suck. sorry for the term but they do. they are not humanly to the people who work for them plus they discriminate people. fyi also, they do not have standards and expiry dates. check out what you eat. (“,)

  1. oh my goodness! parang gusto ko na agad umalis ng house at tikman lahat ng cakes you’ve mentioned. I don’t really go for pastries and cakes, but the ones you featured, I just gotta have all of them. Some are darn expensive ha.

  2. to all purple oven lovers, i would just like to warn you that all the products there do not have right shelf-life, they have been big supplier of a lot of companies and served plenty of customers for years but unfortunately, things are not as good as you think.if you only knew…

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