There’s a stage in a woman’s life where you feel like taking things to be quiet and simple.  Such was what I intended for my 36th birthday a few days ago.  I could’ve settled having Hubby and the kids by my side, doing nothing and everything at home.  For a change, I didn’t make any plans for my birthday.  Not even the usual celebratory fare of pasta, sumptuous main course and luscious dessert. NADA.  This year, I told myself I will mark my natal as if it were another ordinary day. No frills, no cake and candles to blow.

But I guess some thing’s are not just meant to be.  I thought I got my message clear but I was wrong.  It turned out, the family prepared a little something for me.  Hubby managed to gather some of my siblings and a few of my cousins to dinner.  Because I refused to cook (I was really lazy and wanted to laze around the house with a good book), dinner was held at our favorite resto, Causeway Noddle House.  My sisters kept calling.  Apparently some are already in Causeway waiting.  I had no choice but to dress hurriedly before the whole gang arrives.  Oh, boy, I thought to myself : Im very unprepared!

Contrary to my earlier feelings, I enjoyed the company and the food tremendously.  I realized I missed everyone afterall.  I was happy being with them, sharing food and laughter.  We feasted on fish lip soup, veggies, pata tim, fried chicken, spicy squid and sampled every dimsum.  I especially like the beancurd roll.  Of course, no celebration is complete without the birthday noodles which everyone  (including the kids!) enjoyed.

Hubby was right.  It ain’t my birthday with family around…  Thanks, Hubs


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  1. Pinaymama says:

    wowo! the food looks so delicious!!

    pls vote for my son JOSHUA at Vhiel’s Corner everyday!! Thanks a lot!!!!

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  2. arlene says:

    belated happy bday, Abby! that’s a great bday celebration. the food pics makes me hungry. hehehe andmade me miss real chinese resto, too.

    btw, tagged uhere and hope u enjoy this:

    take care!

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