Impromtu Dinner Date


I was glad Hubby picked me up from work yesterday.  The conversation I had with my Boss proved to be a little too much for me to handle.  I desperately needed company and would welcome a pleasant distraction.

Well, last night turned out to be a “pig out” for both of us.  Hubby was so hungry and was craving for his favorite crispy pata.  Im not really a fan of crispy pork knuckles but when Hubby discovered that Bangus restaurant offers the best crispy pata this side of the metro, it became my instant favorite.  For added value, we also ordered sinigang na hipon, which was also delicious.


For dessert and coffee, we headed to another favorite, Starbucks.  This is what caught my eye:  Italian Chocolate-Moccha cake.  It’s absolute sinful!  Yumm-o.  What a perfect ending to a surprise date…


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  1. Steph says:

    Hello! I’ve heard about the crispy pata at Bangus being the best nga. I love the Italian Chocolate Cake too. Delicious! 🙂

  2. caramelcorn says:

    you are tempting me with all the food here… and the post on baked spaghettin got my tummy all noisy..

    couldn’t find the award you tagged me.. which one was that?

  3. yeats says:

    Amen. Food here is very authentic, and very tasty. None of the commercialized versions of Pinoy food you often see nowadays. You could tell that they do not scrimp on the ingredients.

    There’s actually a cult-like following for this restaurant. These fanatics have most-likely been taken by their parents to Bangus Restaurant as kids, and probably have half-remembered memories of the pleasant aroma and Filipiniana-chic ambience of the place back in the 80’s.

    I am one of these fortunate ones. Now I have converted my wife, kids and friends into Bangus freaks, as well.

    IMHO, Bangus is one of the best Filipino restaurants in Manila. Bar none.

    Tama. The crispy pata here is just unbelievable. Recommended.

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