Wonders never seize in the office.  i know i shouldn’t be a stranger to these things.  Afterall, our company has been “shaken” too many times before.  Nothing prepared me, though for THIS.  I almost dropped off my seat when my Boss told said that she was leaving.  It took a few minutes for her words to sink in.   No, she is not really leaving the corporate jungle, but our Head Office has called her to a new job post.  Being A seconded Officer, she has no choice but to comply.  So, by September 1 this year, i will be officially without a Boss and will be awaiting her replacement.

Her announcement came as a shock (hmmm… this seem to the the office’s favorite word, lol) to everyone.  Naturally, tears were also shed.  She is, afterall, well loved and respected (and feared) by all.  As expected, the news of her transfer spread like wildfire.  My phones were infested by lots of curious callers yesterday. 

I, on the other hand is in the state of denial and confusion.  In the four years we have worked together, a certain bond was formed.  We go beyond the boss-subordinate relationship.  She is a mentor, friend, critic, and sometimes, a mother to me.

I was assured that a replacement is under wraps.  But, deep down, I keep asking myself if this latest development is is a sign.  Perhaps fate is telling me something.  I am just too agitated to listen.  Or too scared to admit what I know all along…

Oh, well, as we always say at work :only in Bankard.


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