It’s been six days now since the tragic death of one of our guards.  Manong Ed, as we foundly call him took his own life last Wednesday (5 am) in our office premises.  More than anything else his death has, and still is affecting everyone.  Much as I don’t want to write about the grim happenings at work,  but the events surrounding this tragedy is difficult to ignore.

There have been reported “sightings” of him everywhere.  We still have to recover from the shock of his death and  the atmosphere is thick with anxiety as we attempt to get back to our normal lives.  As a step to move on, a novena daily is being held for him.  But it is hard to move on for him, I suppose.  The eerieness continues to prevail.  The 30th floor hallways, the photocopy area, some work stations, the parking lots…

Im scared out my wits.  I can’t even ride the elevators alone.  Just early this afternoon, I was at the 30th floor hallway waiting for the elevator going to my floor (31/st) when the lights went out!  I froze and panicked, I could barely see.  The only lights left were the candles on the altar on the spot where he claimed his life.  It was the longest 20 seconds of my life.


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