A blah, blah, blah moment

I haven’t been in the blogsphere for two days.  Like the rest of us at work, the recent tragedy was a blow and a traumatic experience to all of us.  But life has to go on and there’s a lot to be done.  So along side the grief, the shock, the fear we’re all deep into work.

I’m somewhat lucky to have a diversion from these grim thoughts.  I have also been busy with Julia birthday celebration.  In fact, today is her most awaited day.  Come to think of it, I have tons of prep work to do.  With a few more phone calls, a trip to the grocery, and lots of kitchen magic, Im sure I’ll get things done in no time.

Blah, blah, blah… I really don’t know what Im driving at here.  My thoughts seem to be running in circles.  I just want to feel the comfort of pounding on my keyboard.  Eversince I’ve discovered blogging, I found that it’s been therepeutic for me. 

Sorry guys, Im a little off balance lately.  For the nth time, I say this again: its difficult to serve two masters at the same time. Motherhood and work is such a big challenge.


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  1. Girlie says:

    no worries, we all go through this phase. ganun talaga buhay, kung kelangan ipag sabay kelangan kayanin.

  2. Happy 7-11 3rd birthday julia!

    labs, tita em, tito titan and ethan

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