Update on Julia’s Party

Despite of this morning’s disturbing news, I managed to shrug off the “heaviness” and get things accomplished.  I opted to take the rest of the day off after I’ve gone with Julia to her Pulmo.  Anyways, Im proud to have these update for my daughter’s birthday:

  • Got invites and did the distribution (a few more calls, though)
  • Called the bakeshop, chose and ordered the cake
  • Made choices for the food.  Im about to make the grocery list
  • Checked out stores for party favors

See? I know I can do this.  It’s not much, but I really have to prioritize my expenses.  Afterall, Im rooting for a major purchase this year which will benefit the family in the long run…


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  1. Juliana says:

    I just read your entry before this, sad sad news. I really can’t fathom why other people somehow choose to end it that way. How hopeless can one be to take his/her own life? A high school classmate did the same thing and up until today I’m trying to figure out why a jolly person like my former classmate [and your officemate] would do something like that. I guess we really don’t know what one will do in times of depression.


    Anyway, I’m here to bring you a tag. Link is:


    Take care and I’ll be sending you some good thoughts. Happy birthday to your little angel as well…

    Mommy J

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