Party in a Jiffy


I was shocked when I saw the calendar this morning.   I didn’t realize that there’s just four days to go till my daughter’s  birthday.  She’ll be turning 3 on the 11th and I still haven’t prepared for anything.  Frankly speaking, Im quite undecided on holding a party or celebrating simply (just family, with me cooking).  Well, actually, I thought of having a joint celebration for the both of us.  But Julia, has her mind set on staging her own birthday.  I remember a couple of weeks ago, she’d call on other kids in the nieghborhood and tell them about her “birthday party”.

Now, with just a few days to go, I have to decide on what to do.  Let’s see, her birthday falls on a weekday.  Friday to be exact.  Come to think of it I could grant her “wish” by having her playmates come by the house while I cook up a kiddie feast.  Yes, that’s what Im going to do. 

Sorry, folks, Im not really a master of planning ahead.  I work best when I cram.  My game plan is to organize a playhouse birthday party for Julia and her friends (5 kids, I think).  Meantime, here’s what’s on my checklist:

  • invites
  • party favors
  • cake
  • menu

Wish me luck, guys…


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