The Soccer Club

I had a pleasant afternoon yesterday as Hubby and I headed over to meet all the moms in the soccer team.  It was my first time to be with all of them.  In case, you don’t know, it’s my husband who has been a constant figure in all the training.  In fact, he has, grown quite popular with the moms around (hahahaha!).  Well, I had a good time, really.  I never thought that like our boys, these moms (and dad) really takes soccer seriously.

Over scrumptous merienda of pansit, cake, and more cake, we talked about almost everything under the sun.  Soccer uniforms, class performance, teachers, academics, school, the coach, etc.  I found out that most of the women are SAHM’s.  I was, like, “how could they do it?”  Staying at home taking care of the kids and household.  Well, they’re really lucky to be able to do so.  I look at them with pure admiration.  But I must admit, I feel a tinge of envy.  Hmmm… perhaps one day. I could finally say goodbye to the corporate world and start a new life at home with the kids, the housework and soccer.

While the grown-ups chatted the afternoon away, the kids were everywhere the place playing ball.  The afternoon went like a breeze.  The rains didn’t dampen high spirits and good time.


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