Staying young, healthy, and beautiful

I found a really interesting article by Ria Francisco-Prieto  from the Philippine Daily Inquirer.  I figured that’ll be worth sharing since everyone nowadays seem to be striving to be fit, healthy and beautiful.  So, here I hope everyone can benefit from this beauty nuggets:

Top 5 things to stay away from 

MANILA, Philippines—Like going on a diet but still drinking your fave cola, that’s how I see moisturizing and smoking.


Smoking accelerates the aging of the skin, drying it, causing discoloration and wrinkles, weakening the skin’s elasticity. The effects may come out either earlier or later (even some 10 years), so if you are 30 now and a smoker, you may wake up at 40 to find out your skin has aged terribly. Aging is irreversible unless you want to have Botox done to fill up those lines earlier than usual.

I’m not saying I’m against Botox, but I want to be optimistic and think I would consider it when I’m 60 so I could look 40.

Take care also of your diet. You are what you eat, so dump that junk!

Junk food causes breakouts. Also, food coloring stains your teeth. So before drinking your next soda, consider your smile.

Cosmetics sharing

Remember it is not always good to share, especially when pertaining to cosmetics and tools.

Several irritations and diseases can be transferred, such as pink eye, ringworms and zits, to say the least.

Bacteria thrive in cosmetics and tools, so clean them consistently, and do not share to prevent transference.

Pessimistic pals

Lastly, pessimistic people will only pull you down, making you frown and causing your skin to wrinkle.

Smiling adds to youth and makes you attractive. So stick to optimistic friends and load up on those laughs.


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  1. Steph says:

    All those are true!! Specially the avoiding pessimistic people. 🙂 Have a great weekend seaprincess 🙂

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