“Bed Weather”


Sure is gloomy today.   Ever since I came to the office (mind, you I was here by 7 am) the weather hasn’t changed.  Dark clouds, cool breeze, rainfall every now and then.  Classic signs of a “bed weather”.  Im here at work but my mind and body is elsewhere.  Not really elsewhere, but more kind of at home with the kids (and my bed!).

Yesterday was more of my day.  We had no work because it was Pasig City Day.  I spent my day with the kids and hubby quietly at home.    Was suppose to do the laundry and watch Kobe’s soccer practice, but the rains didn’t allow for my plans to push through.  I was absolutely thankful, though.  At least I had the chance to nap a bit and had the rest of the day playing with Julia and watching cartoons.  As usual, Hubby was the one who accompanied Kobe during his practice.  Frankly, I thought that soccer would be canceled because of the weather.  But, I guessed wrong.  My son’s training, turned out to be a “rain or shine” thing.

So, today’s bed weather isn’t doing me much good.  Im really lazy to do work.  The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.  I can’t wait to go home. Let’s see… boy, oh, boy one more hour to go.

Yehey…! zzzzzz


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