Im so distracted .  I have been contantly staring at my pc, hoping for an inspiration, but nothing comes to mind.  My brain refuses to cooperate with my will.  I give up!  Actually, my distraction stems from a lot of things going on with my life lately.  Somehow the events that is continually happening in the house, with some family members got me thinking about re-arranging my priorities.  Im honestly not happy about it or what the outcome will be but if that’s the only way for me to have peace of mind, then perhaps it could be a consideration.  I know I haven’t said much for you guys to really figure out what’s going on, but I promise, as soon as I muster the will to reveal,  I will most definitely post it.

In the meantime, please forgive me for my trickled entries.  Perhaps in a few days I will be able to shake this “heaviness” off.  There’s a line I read way, way, back that seem perfect for my current situation.  It goes some like this:

When things so  perfectly wonderful, God creates ripples not to ruin the moment but rather, to remind us that all things are temporary…


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  1. allinkorea says:

    i hope everything will go well…

    have a good night!

  2. aaaw! that quote is applicable to me too.
    Here’s some good news for you heheh
    the box that titan and i filled will be sent by tita babes this thursday, count 30 days and it will arrive at ava’s residence. mwahness!

  3. Juliana says:

    Hi Abby….

    I hope the ‘heavyness’ is somewhat a lot lighter now. Take it easy!


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