The Phone Calls


Two nights ago, I received two great news.  The first one was fom Frank, Kobe’s soccer coach and the other was from Cecil, a fellow soccer mom.  Coach Frank called to ask if we would be interested in allowing our son to be part of the school’s soccer team.

From what I was told, Marist school is training young players for the RIFA Soccer Midgets Team.  Kobe only started playing last year and Im really pleased that his efforts are being acknowledged.  He doesn’t need to try out anymore.  He would, however undergo a more rigid training in preparation for the games in August and September.  Practice will be thrice a week- every Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.  But inspite of the good news, I was hesitant when I heard about his training schedule.  For one, Im worried about his health.  Asthma.  The second concern is his need for someone to watch over him.  Kobe still needs help with his gear (spikes, sheen guard, etc).  The third concern is is grades.  You know, my son might not be able to maintain being on the honor’s list with such tight schedule.  But Kobe really wants to part of the team.  In fact, my only condition in allowing him to play was that he does good in class.  Well, he kept his end of the bargain, with flying colors to boot!

Which brings me to the second phone call.  Miggy’s (Kobe’s friend and teamate) mom called the same night to offer to watch over my son and take him home after practice.  I felt a bit shy accepting her offer but she was genuinely interested in taking my son in.  So, that’s one worry less. Im so happy!  At least I know a “mom” will be watching him.

That leaves me with the rest of my concerns in my own hands.  I have to take care of him doubly hard for Kobe to be physically and mentally fit to take on his roles. Go Kobe, Go mommy!



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  1. cherry says:

    hey, don’t worry. you’ll both do fine, i’m sure. btw, i’ve just posted the answers and the number of entries of those who participated in my june project. i’ll announce the winner tonight. thanks for joining.=)

  2. cheryll says:

    congrats kobe boy! anyways, i have another tag for you at my


  3. hurrah for these phone calls! im so happy for kobs!

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