Free At Last!

Ive been closely following the kidnapping case of Journalist Ces Drilon and her camera man.  Her ten day capitivity has been such ordeal Im sure she and her companions will never forget for the rest of their lives.  But as I read the stories, I realized that such unfornate event has been a platform for underlying events.  Sure, Im very happy and really relieved that Ces and company survived but the angle involving the Mayor (one of the negotiators) in the kidnapping is again another heavy blow for our political scene.

Another is the over exposure of Senator Loren Legarda.  Yeah, I know that she was a key element in the negotiations.  But, let’s face it.  Her good intentions will be very much interpreted as a good political move for the coming elections.  No need for advertisements for her, I suppose. 

Oh well, like I always say… only in the Philippines.  There is still much to unravel now that Ces is well and safe.  Here’s a video of her very first interview


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  1. sarah says:

    i always looked up on ces drilon she is one of my admired journalist here in the philippines she’s transparent and i will always support here.ces, you can survive from this ordeal the wounds and nightmares will heal in time all you have to do now is to trust god and be with your family…….be still god is here he will never leave nor forsake you!!!!laban ces!!!!kaya mo yan

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