My Ultimate Rant


I am still not over my stolen “baby doll“.  To keep myself from sulking and giving in to the temptation of confronting my former maid, I volunteered to do the laundry and subject our bedroom to a thorough inspection cum general cleaning.  Im happy to say that I was successful in both tasks.  Except for the heavy sheets, blankets and pillow cases, laundry was a breeze.  With my general cleaning done, I even managed to give our bedroom a make over.

But in spite of my efforts and distractions, the anger and the loss still remains. Pretty obvious, isn’t it?   Im still ranting (and fuming) over it.  I wish that everytime she sprays it on, she would stink.  Or that acid would come out in every drop.

AARGH….!  For heaven’s sake, she could’ve chosen a different brand.  I mean, some bottles are halfway empty anyways.  Like I said, that was Dad’s last gift to me.  He secretly gave it to me two Christmases ago.  It was his parting gift, a reminder that whatever happens,  I’ll always be his “baby”.


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