I’ve Been Robbed!

I’ve been robbed.  And the worst part is, I only found out last night!  Someone stole my Baby Doll.  No, Im not referring to the toy, but a perfume  by Yves Saint Laurent.  I found an empty box last night.  I haven’t used this scent in a long time.  Actually, Im kinda saving it for special occasions.  Since Im attending a friend’s wedding next Saturday, I thought it to be the perfect scent to wear.

                                        Baby Doll Perfume by Yves Saint Laurent for Women  

 I really felt so bad, I cried.  Aside from it being one of my favorites, it was also given to me by Dad.  So, for more sentimental reasons, I felt such a great loss.  I did investigate.  I found out from my brother that he saw my baby doll in my maid’s belongings.  When he asked her about it the maid replied: “bigay ‘to sa’ kin ni gail”.  The nerve of her!  Of course I wouldn’t do that! I love my perfumes…

The maid stole my perfume… I can’t do anything now because its been a month and a half since she left. DARN.



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  1. Z'riz says:

    ah! i hate that when it happens! katulong pa ang nagnakaw!

    plus, she got an Yves Saint Laurent’s scent…patay na sya eh… dba?

  2. constance says:

    that is so horrible of her. years ago, i had one lived in, stole most of my baby’s new welcome blankets that were gifts from friends and family. even the baby’s new pjs were all missing.

  3. cheryll says:

    the nerve! and for her to tell your bro na you gave it to her. sana your brother confirmed it din that time.

    this is so sad kasi your dad gave that to you.. ano ba yan. sana multuhin yung ex-maid nyo.

  4. grace says:

    hi abby! will this be your new blog? you’re no longer updating your other blog eh. 🙂

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