Got My Fill of “Sex And The City”

I was surprised by Hubby’s unexpected gesture. Yesterday, he asked me if I wanted to see a movie. Since the kids are at my cousin’s (again!), I figured that it would be great to spend the day together. Choosing the film to watch was easy. Being the guy that he is, I was pretty sure that “Indiana Jones” tops the list. But I was WRONG.

The Movie photo

I was surprised when he handed me tickets to SEX AND THE CITY. Before I could react in disbelief, he offered an explanation. He said that “Indie” is reserved for Kobe; his other reason was that he won’t be caught dead watching “Caregiver“. HAHAHA! Makes sense to me. He was, afterall keeping his promise of taking me to the movies this weekend.

The film (which I waited all season to see) was not a disappointment. But I wouldn’t call it spectacular, either. Save for the awesome eclectic mix of clothes, the expensive to-die-for bags, the Jimmy Choos and Manolo Blaniks, I find the movie somewhat “short” of its boob tube incarnation. There isn’t much raunchy sex in it and the girls’ seemingly mature take on life have somehow lessened the wit and carefree character the series is known for.

One cannot miss to be entertained, though. There’s no other place for the story than New York. Ah… to be single in the Big Apple is such a challenge. To me, I see the movie as a ticket, better yet an invitation to visit the city that never sleeps.

Seriously, however, the movie is about finding your happiness. Our fun, fearless and fashionable heroines have done it again!

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  1. Girlie says:

    i still have to watch this, baka bukas with my cousin, excited nako

  2. abby, hope my comment get through

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