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My theory on the Batangas “shoot out” proved to be right, afterall.  Today’s news report confirmed findings made by the Commission on Human Rights (CHR).  In the investigation of the brutal killings of the 3 suspects, CHR Chair Leila De Lima was quoted in saying

There was no shoot out.  There was reasonable certainty to believe that it was a case of a rubout, an out-and-out summary execution of the three men…

more on this report

Tsk, tsk, tsk.  It was pretty darn obvious.  I wonder what triggered such brutality?  A cover up, perhaps? Hmmm.  In retrospect, such incident is no longer alien to us.  There is always something bigger, more explosive in crimes handled by our police.  The funny thing about this whole thing, I suppose is that after the shootings, these guys still has the guts to claim that they have already identified the 5 suspects.  Click here, to read full story.

I am deeply sadened by the turn of events.  There is reason for me to believe that it is difficult to put your trust on the police.  The irony of it all is that the very people who vowed to protect lives are also the very ones who threaten it. 


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  1. Cecile Maris says:

    With all these happening in our country, I don’t know who to believe and trust. This administration is the dirtiest.

    I borrowed your line. ‘There is always something bigger, more explosive in crimes handled by our police.’ I hope you don’t mind.

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