What’s Up with Art?

                                                     Art Bell’s Alleged Hate Letter to the Filipino People

Ghosts of the past surely catches up with you.  I bet this is lesson Art Bell might have learned today.  I honestly haven’t heard about this person, much less his “brush” with the local media some few years back.  But in the past few days, Mr. Bell’s name keeps on popping up in the blogsphere.  So, being the curious cat that I am, did a few clicks and voila! I found the portal of truth.  Hmm… i smell another internet scandal brewing.

Anyways, as it turns out, Art Bell, a US radio host and conspiracy theorist has irked Pinoys all over the world (why does this happen all the time?) because of his alleged “hate letter” to the Filipino people.  I admit, his email is infuriating.  He talks of us like some dreaded disease, a plague of some sort.  But, what really bothers me is this:  if he really despise Filipinos, then why in heaven’s name did he marry one of our kind?  Twice, in fact.  Yup.  Our racist pig here, Mr Bell was married to Ramona, a Filipina,  his second wife.  When she died, Art took in Airin, another Filipina.  He even stayed in the country for a year, so, why oh why?

In this day and age, nothing escapes the internet.  His letter may have been written in 2006 but the effects have rippled up to this very day.  He claimed it to be a hoax but the damage has been done.

Tsk,tsk,tsk things that go bump in the night….


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  1. Just A Voice says:

    I don’t know why, but so many people are ready to be the judge, jury and executioner, regarding this letter that was ALLEGEDLY written by Art Bell. This is why I had to stop allowing comments on my blog, for this posting, as I found out that a large percentage (nearly 100%) of Filipino commenters were very hateful and racist, Actually most of them said the same, if not worse, about another race, than the letter!

    What does this prove? it proves that people will yell “Racist” only when it is someone else talking about their race.

    You do not know who wrote this letter, no more than I or anyone else does, who are you to accuse someone of this with certainty and call him a “racist pig”

    Tsk Tsk Tsk racists that roam the internet.

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