Home Alone

I don’t recall having to spend so much time on myself.  Eversince I became a mom, life is a juggling act for me.  The demands of motherhood, marriage, and work leaves me in constant race for time.  Come to think of it, the idea of taking my own sweet time has become a faint memory.

Well, last weekend was a welcome surprise for me.  The kids were at my cousin’s place for two days while Hubby, sadly, had to work the nightshift again.  Normally, I would opt for some company.  But for some reason, I decided otherwise.  I was, actually looking forward to sometime by myself.   When Hubby and the kids left, I lingered in the house a bit before going out.  I told my husband that I’ll check out the mall then hit the gym after.  I was home by 10pm.  I didn’t bother fixing dinner because I enjoyed a luscious salad and a cup of English Breakfast tea.  Before turning in, music was the thing on my mind.  This is what dozed me off to sleep…


I awoke to a breezy Sunday morning.  A brief wave of worry hit me when I saw Julia’s bed.  It took a few seconds for me to realize that the kids were out for the weekend.  Because of Hubby’s erratic work schedule, it’s such a rare occasion for us to be able to hear mass together.  Luckily, his worktime allowed us some leway to do so.  Despite is exhaustion, we still made together to mass.  When we got home, he went straight to bet and called it a day.  I still got to tell him, though that I’ll be going out (again) this time to meet my mom and brother in Megamall.

I had a quick breakfast and did the grocery before heading off to the mall.  No, I didn’t buy anything.  i just visited a few shops and enjoyed mom’s and my brother’s company.  Amazing how free I felt without the kids.  Finally, I don’t need to rush.  Time was on my side.  I was home by dusk.  I was surprised to find my Husband in the nearby court shooting hoops.  Apparently, he can leave a little later than his usual time.  BINGO!  Im glad I got home early.  We can spend some time together before work.  We shared a quiet dinner, a few jokes and some tv time.

When he left, the house vas very still and depressingly quiet.  My cousin called and said that they’ll be a little late because of the downpour.  Left with nothing else to do, I opted for a movie marathon.  Old, feel good films are my kind of thing, so this is what I choose:


Dirty Dancing

     Meet Joe Black                                         


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