Fitness Test


I have been religiously going to the gym for four days now but it was only yesterday that I met up with my fitness instructor.  I haven’t started with my program, so to speak.  Actually, I’ve been dreading meeting Jing for two reasons:

1.  He's going to take my weight and measurements
2,  I'll have to undergo a fitness and flexiblity test

You’re probably curious on how I spend my gym time.  Well, for one, I’ve been attending their group classes. I’ve been sweating it out with cardio kickbox, classic HiLo, belly dancing, and cardio dance.  Recently, I found myself enjoying the spinning sessions.  It’s a stationary bike class aimed to strengthen the heart and guarantees maximum calorie burn.  My all time favorite (and the most anticipated activity), though is the sauna.

But the inevitable has to happen.  My buddy Jing has catched up with me.  I had no choice but to face my fear.  First was the fitness & flexibility test.  After a series of short but strenous excercises, I was pronounced flexible and fit (although my back and joints hurt terribly, LOL).  Next was my bout with the scale.  This is my most dreaded moment.  I know, I’ve lost some substantial wieght (from 140 lbs to 122 lbs) but there’s still a good amount of flab in me.

After the weigh in, came the verdict.  My FI said that I need to loose around 5 lbs and do some toning.  Whew! (I really expected the worst).  My excercise program will be based on the areas I need to improve most.   Anyways, I don’t really aim to be super thin, I just want to be fit and healthy; to win the battle against my puson.

I spent a little more time than my usual in the sauna.  Im happy and encouraged.  Tomorrow’s another day.  I’ll have to cut on the group classes and try  to concentrate on individual excercises.


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  1. constance says:

    hi abby. you’re now in wordpress. congrats on your new blog site. i shall update my link now too.

  2. Abby says:

    thanks. hope you have a great day.

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