Office Tradition

We have this tradition in the office about sharing our blessings.  I don’t know how and when it originated but up to this day, came high or low we still follow.  In fact, the practice has evolved.  Even the newbies seem to have accepted without much hesitation.

No matter how trivial the occasion, the “blow-out” concept is well being regarded at work.  So, in the wake of our much awaited “windfall”, a couple of officers and I chipped in a few bucks to treat our staff.

Lunch was at Aling Tonyang, in Dampa, Ortigas Center.  There were about twenty of us, all seated in a long table.  We had excellent spread of–yup you guessed it,  SEAFOOD and  inihaw na liempo.  Eating is one of our favorite past times these days.  More than pigging out, I enjoyed the marketing and the haggling.  My boss was so good at it that we got the best deal, ever.

The freshiest catch of the day, at the most affordable price liad right before our eyes!  Our tummies so so stuffed, our buttons seem to snap.  I badly need a cup of coffee or tea.  Oh well, good thing I’ll be hitting the gym tonight. LOL.


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