9 thoughts on “Beijing Olympics Logo – the real story

  1. hi abby, nice home now. 🙂 i always love wordpress. thanks for telling me so that i can update your link.

    btw, thanks for sharing these cartoons but really am not happy about it the person who made this. whoever had this wild imagination is crazy. what has been made beautiful is being marred by malicious idea. I was still there when this certain logo won the bid the winner was very happy and I can still remember the logo can then be seen anywhere for promotion. Infact, i love that logo. 🙂

    i understand olympics foster camaraderie and friendship. not death. 😉 right? bt crazy people think now that maybe olympics 2008 would be chaotic. haiiii all is just imagination.

    have a nice day abby.

    pls add my wordpress blog to your list too if you like:



  2. yeah… kinda negative, isn’t it? but you know hoe pinoy’s find humour even in the most ordinary, mundane things.

    anyways, thanks for the visit. i’ll link you up too.

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