Myanmar Crisis Continues

The Nagris cyclone which hit Myanmar last Friday leashed out more devastating effects.  Death toll has risen to 15,000 with 30,000 people still missing.  THe country is already under the State of National Emergency following the 10-hour storm that left throngs of damages at its wake.  According to reports, the cyclone is far the most deadliest naturqal disaster that hit the country in history. 

Left with no water and electric supply the people are most likely to suffer from sickness and hunger.  Food is becoming scarce and prices of gas is soaring high.  Good thing that the U.N., European countries and the U.S. are extending their aid.

I find it absurd though, and somehow inappropriate that despite of such disaster, the Myanmar junta is bent on pushing thru with the referendum of their constitution on May 10.  The leaders believe that the May 10 referendum is a major step toward “national recovery

Im like, hello…? how can there be such when the place is like a refugee camp? Men, women, children of all ages are in dire need of food, shelter, and clothing?  Surely, they just can’t rely solely on outside help.

 tsk, tsk, politics in time of disaster….


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  1. Jim says:

    I have a Burmese colleague here at the Uni and he said that the government was quite stupid in announcing that the storm was weakening at the eve of the storm. Then it hit literally everybody while sleeping–midnight. And now the government is trying to stall every effort–they are literally killing its people and the military junta’s destiny is most likely downward after this (well, I do hope).

  2. Abby says:

    thanks jim for the visit. yeah, the burmese military junta will be in deep s@%t after all these. i hope they think of the thousands of people who has and are still suffering….

    tsk, tsk, tsk

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