When Love Begins, the Movie


My office buddies, Shelly and Rochelle treated ourselves to a movie last Friday.  We decided to watch “When Love Begins“.  The movie, which stars Aga Muhlach and Anne Curtis is a typical Pinoy romantic flick.  You know the usual stuff–commitment problems, family hassles, etc.  Nothing to rave about, really.  Well, except for the catchy tagline (“does passion end when commitment begins…”) and Gary V’s rendition of the classic song, “One Hello“.

Nice try, but the lead character’s age gap is evident.  Aga may be buffed and good looking, but hey, fine lines are starting to show.  Anne Curtis did okay in her performance, it still lacks enough merit to bring out all the acting prowess in her.  What’s too evident in the film is the presence of almost all of PBB ex-housemates.  It made the film’s producers looked like they have skimped on talents.  Save for Rafael Rosell and Desiree Del Valle, supporting roles really looked weak.  They’re just all in the film for the heck of it, I suppose.

Anyways, its a light film, with a shallow depth.  Quite entertaining, for the novelty of it.  If you’re want to bask in the sights and sound of Boracay, and savor Anne Curtis’ perfectly tanned, bod, this is the movie to see.


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