Pre-Mother’s Day Treat

I took my mother for an early Mother’s Day celebration last Saturday.  She hasn’t seen the kids (and me) for sometime so I thought it best for us to have lunch and do a little shopping.  With my brother, JC, Kobe, Julia and Hubby in tow, we went to Robinson’s Galleria.

I met Mom at the mall.  It was already past noon so I suggested that we have lunch first.  As usual, Hubby and Kobe wanted to to to KFC but I refused vehemently.  I wanted to enjoy good, healthy food.  Besides its such a special for fast food.   But I failed to convince my boys.  We ended up eating seperately.  They did go to KFC while JC, mom, Julia and I chose RAi-Rai Ken Japanese Resto.

Over steaming bowls of seafood hotpot, tuna bento, and shashimi, we catched up on each other’s lives.  Mom was very happy to see Julia nad was ecstatic to witness her funny antics.  Midway thru lunch I checked up on my boys.  They were almost done.  The three of us went over to my mom.  After exchanging hugs, Kobe asked if he could go to TIMEZONE.  I had second thoughts in allowing him but mom said it was ok.  Hubby offered to accompany him.  Oh, well, boys will be boys…

In hindsight, I was relieved that the boys aren’t with me.  At least, mom and I could have some uninterrupted shopping time.  We checked out several shops.  I pickep up some dresses from Gingersnaps for Julia and shirts from Polo Sport for Kobe.  Mom and I found really cute stone encrusted jelly slippers from Celine.  Luckily, it was on a 50% discount so I bought her a pair and got one for myself too (yipee!).

i almost lost track of time.  Hubby still has to work later in the eveing.  So, much to my regret, we have to cut our date short.  It was raining really hard outside.  All the more we have to hurry to avoid getting stuck in trafic.  I dropped by Cinnabon to pick up our merienda— hot raisin loaf, coffee, lemonade and iced tea for us to eat in the car.  My brother JC took mom back to my sister, Ava’s house while the rest of us headed back home.



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