Does Miley Know Best?

miley cyrus vanity fair

15 year old Miley Ray Cyrus a.k.a. Hannah Montana will be gracing the pages of Vanity Fair magazine this June.  According to reports, the singer and Disney phenomenon has appeared topless and such racy shots is causing quite a stir.

To satisfy my curiousity, I did a little research and concluded that Miley wasn’t really topless at all.  Her pictures were done to make it look like that she was topless.  Although I admire Annie Liebovitz’s artistic work,  I don’t think, however, some  photographs are tasteful for Miley’s image.  I mean, she’s one of Disneys Chanel’s hottest property. Her alter ego, Hannah Montana has lots of young fans out there.  Somehow, maintaining a wholesome and bubbly character is important, if not required.

My daughter loves watching the show.  She loves the music, the character, and her stuff.  She adores Hannah so much and that I, too have my viewing share.   But for kids to see such pictures?  Im worried that her young fans would think its alright to be scantily clothe or that girls might be overly conscious of their bodies.

Miley has reported to have released a statement last April 27 where she was quoted as saying

i took part in a photo shoot that was supposed to be “artistic” and now seeing the photographs and reading the story, i feel so embarrassed.  i never intended for any of this to happen and i appologize to my fans who i care so deeply about

Hmmm… sounds familiar.  I think Vanessa Hudgens said the same thing when her scandalous photos spread on the net.  Media has a very strong influence in our society today.  If this is a desperate move to sell magazines, then we have a problem here.

You be the judge, folks.. Artistic or phornogragic?



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