Trinoma Experience

So, last Saturday Hubby and I thought it was a perfect day for some R&R at the mall.  Its been a while since we last checked out the shopping scene so by unanimous decision, we decided to explore TRINOMA.  I was amazed on how vast and diverse the place is.  In hindsight, I figured that the layout is a clever combination of Glorietta and Greenbelt malls.
The kids were delighted to see the deck and the several water fixtures around it.  I’ve noticed that this part has sort of become a favorite picture spot.  I was told the ponds not only serve as an attraction, but it also doubles as something functional.  During evenings, the mall’s exhaust system is let out through these water fixtures.  That’s why the whole area seemed to be wrapped up in fog.


Of course our trip to the mall isn’t complete without a visit to TIMEZONE (much to my chargin).  While Hubby and and Kobe were busy with the arcade, Julia and I had spent sometime in the carousel.  As if like clockwork, our nect stop was several sports stores.  We lingered quite a bit in Olympic Gold.  Hubby was supposed to join their inhouse shooting competition, but when Julia accidentally knocked down a motorcycle, he decided otherwise.  Im glad we brought the kids to the toy store and kids apparel.  I got a chance to pick up a few stuff for them. 
All the shopping and walking really worked us an appetite.  We did a bit of resto hopping so to speak,  Hubby and the kids chowed down their fave–KFC chicken, then we had super yummy cakes at Conti’s.  I kinda wanted to try still diffrent chow spots but the gang are not really that adventurous when it comes to eating.  They’d rather stick to the tried, tested and simple one than  trading off to some exotic foodstuff.  But I couldn’t help myself.  I tried Kaya Toast and their coffee.  I found that it was a little too sweet for my liking. The coffee is quite good, though.  For pasalubong, I headed to Bread Talk to get my favorite, FLOSS but was hugely disappointed to find out they ran out of stock.  I opted for the sweet bread and the terriyaki bun instead.
You could say that we had a fun, enjoyable day.  But there’s a lesson learned here.  I’ll never go the mall without a YAYA in tow.  Julia proved to be quite a workout for Hubby and me, lol.  We were constantly at our feet looking after her. 
Oh, well…


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