Joshua’s Party

The kids got invited to a children’s party (also last Saturday) over at Jolibee, Banawe to celebrate Joshua’s 3rd birthday.  Joshua’s father, John is Hubby’s long time friend and fellow member of the Adelfa Gang.  We haven’t been with the gang for months now so all of us were  super excited to come.

The kids a blast with the games and party favors.  Us, adults however, were busy catching up on each other’s lives.  Work, marriage, relationships, hobbies, and gossip filled the afternoon for us.  Before I got caught up in the chatting frenzy, I can’t help but smile when I noticed Julia join in the games.  I realized that she has overcomed her shyness and seem to blend in perfectly with older kids.   


She was really so bibo that everyone commented Hubby and me.  My eldest, Kobe was kinda bored and wanted to do something else.  Luckily, his dad was there to encourage him to participate.  For some reason, it flashed before me- my son is GROWING UP.  His preferences are changing.  Gone are his childish ways.  Well, at least he hasn’t notice girls yet (whew!).  Oh, how fast time flies.


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