Religion Gone Bad

I have been following attentively the Polygamy Scandal since reports broke out in CNN. At first, I thought that the whole scene was a cut from a movie. Images of women and children in plain, ghastly clothes with such dismal faces made me think about zombies.

According to reports these women and children are all members of the Fundamentalist Church of Christ of the Latter Day Church (FLDS). The sect, which was founded by Warren Jeffs is said to advocate polygamy. They believe that the path to heaven for men is by having at least three wives. Women on the other hand are groomed for (very) early marriage and are encouraged to live a life of obedience.

Now, the thought of polygamy wouldn’t have irked me. Afterall, some cultures like the Muslims practice the same thing. What really caught my attention is the fact that young children are being exploited. Imagine, a 16 year old girl marrying a fifty something man. That’s totally outrageous! And the sexual abuse… well, really horrible.

I know for one that in the States, Polygamy is prohibited. I just can seem to figure out why the Texas authorites find it hard to put a stop to it. I feel for the hundreds of children involved. Its a pity and a shame that their “religion” has exposed them to such sick beliefs.

Government has already made arrangements to transfer some 416 children away from their ranch, Yearning for Zion.  This definitely will cause some separation anxiety for both the mother and the kids but I think its the children’s welfare that’s important. 


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