The saga continues.  Finally, the “Talented Mr. DJ” speaks up.  After months of silence,  the infamous man behind the scandal grants an exclusive interview with Korina Sanchez.   The interview over at Korina Today proved to be the very first appearance of Montano. The public has to credit and thank ABS-CBN for bagging this exclusive.  In his statement, DJ said that he wants to shed light to such allegations in a proper venue.  He and his family are bringing this matter to court.

DJ  denied all allegations Brian wrote in his blog.  He claimed he was never a cocaine addict and that he never received the $70,000 that his lover was telling.  He further narrated that the scandalous accusations has been a great cause of embarrassment for him and his family.  There were times that people would come to him and say”PAY UP” or would write such words and pass it to him. 

In his defense, his mother, Aurora denied her son receiving $70,000 and said such is a measly amount.  What they are fighting for is principle.  His stepdad, believes the whole thing to be blackmail.  Amidst all these, Brian Gorell refused to give his statements on the show.  Korina was trying to get him via phone patch but no avail.

I was just thinking, why the silence on Brian’s part.  I mean, his alleged “thief” has shown his face already.   Why pass up the chance to unleash his fury on national tv?  Could it be that Brian is threatened by Korina? Hmmm… come to think of it, the venue is a Lopez’ turf and being on the show will be a disadvantage for him.  Korina may be the “messenger” sent to crush his character and destroy the “victim image” he portrayed himself to be.

 As for DJ, I think all his denial will be futile unless he comes up with hard evidence to prove otherwise.  Perhaps a drug test will be a big boost for defense.  How about the rest of the Gucci Gang?  Will we see them in the vicinity of the network as well?  My best bet is that good old Brian will take the ball game to rival chanel GMA.


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  1. Bobby says:

    DJ is a liar a thief a drug addict!!!!!

    he has to pass a drug test.

    “Gucci gang” will have a serious problem by using the Gucci name.

  2. Abby says:

    you’re right, he has to pass the drug test. he also has to have pretty hard evidence to save his ass. as for the rest of the GG, i can’t wait for them to come out and start cleaning their names.

  3. anonymous says:

    finally,dj got the courage to speak the spirit of fairness,i think we ought to hear two sides of the story.

    brian gorrell has been throwing bad publicity to his ex bf,in the wrong forum,if indeed he has been wrong,file a case against estafa case will do..not in a blogspot,where people will have their own biases and prejudices.

    he says he’s the victim..but the truth is filipino’s are the victim here. who has to gain from all of these but brian..we’ve heard he got people sending him donation money..we’ll who’s the real mr talented? its brian.

    as for dj,its a pity..all of us are sinner’s..and dj is just a lost soul that needs to be rescued..if indeed he is guilty,her mother should help the first place,she’s the 1 responsible for this..sheraised her son feeling empty and inadequate..

    dj ..chaange ur direction..seeing u during the interview,i can see u got potential and u seem intelligent..its not yet too late,u hav hope!
    u can turn around and god will help u through this ordeal.

  4. Malkie says:

    God there’s some morons in the world. Do you believe Montano is telling the truth? Get him to explain the receipts from Western Union of money he and his sister collected from Brian Gorrell – money he denies receiving. He also says on television – “I am not a cocaine addict” – but note he doesn’t say “I don’t take cocaine” or “I’ve never used cocaine”. The man is a blatant liar. Oh yeah…he and his family keep threatening litigation – so where is it huh? Brian Gorrell would relish it – but not in your corrupt legal system but in Australia.
    Very bad publicity for the Philippines.

  5. Anonymous says:

    It’s really hard for me to believe that DJ and his family are telling the truth. Come clean!

    If you wanted to fight back, you should have let DJ be on tv alone. Now, people have the faces of the entire clan to remember lying. DJ looked so fake. So scripted. So unconvinced of his innocense. That goes for the entire family as well.

    If you really are innocent. Go back to boracay and show to the world that DJ is not persona non grata there. Get an official statement from Enderun and Star that they didn’t fire DJ. Show a copy of his passport that he didn’t leave the country. Better yet, show that Celine is standing by him on national tv. If DJ is a good friend and has such a good rep everywhere, then there will be no problem right?

  6. singkit says:

    what a hell… u could never fool us with that innocent look dj… my god.. who would believe you, theres lot of evidences brian can show about u… and y s these people using “gucci” as their gang name… i guess we could just compare them as a regular costumer! indeed they are all socialites but its not good to fool sum1 just for ur own personal interest… and this poor brian was deceived by this freaking guy dj just because of their stupid gang… he shud be put in jail… behind bars.. to pay all the things he have done./.. oh well…. as they say, wat goes around cums around! so lets just wait!!!

  7. Carl says:

    As if we dont know your messed up family in Cavite. We all know your family there social climbers! All Social Climbers without real jobs. Mag trabaho ka para hindi ka manloko.

  8. sync says:

    ganun nman tlga…. kakampi ang magulang sa anak… walang magulang na d kya tiisin ang anak….
    so ano pa…… hay ang mga pinoy nga nman…

  9. jaques says:

    we know DJ is not a man ~ he needs to pay back the 70K and get on with it! afterall his mother said on TV that 70K is nothing to them… so LET’s give that “nothing” back to it’s rightful owner.

  10. jaques says:

    DJ Montano! PAY UP NOW ! 70K UAD is not much money – and i’m sure you spent the money on a car, clothes, etc. Well it doesn’t impress the true people with CLASS! remember, “class” cannot be purchased, you either have it or don’t …and you , sir “DON’T” and that goes for your family too!

  11. Glenn says:

    I too have been “used” by a Pinoy money boy – he was always smiling whenever he got money from me – but when the balance went to zero – he showed me his temper and attitude. He liked to be treated to EVERYTHING never once did he pay for anything (did I mention he had a customer service type job making minimum wage?) and yet he had no dignity – he just loved to be a MONEY BOY !… he loved to buy Gucci type sunglasses, and other ‘status symbol’ type clothes, etc. of course at MY expense – he had NO credit so guess who was a sucker and gave him a down payment for a car? So I say to you Brian! GET DJ’s ASS and his family – EXPOSE ALL! YOU will be the hero for others that have been taken advantage of, as well as EXPOSE the seedy, underhanded socialite wannabe’s in PI.


  12. bbabe2007 says:

    I have opinion on who is telling the truth or not. For in the end, only those two involved will know the truth. However, i find it very indecent of Brian to involve and defame other people so that Dj would pay up. even if what Brian is saying in the blog is true, humiliating other people to force someone else to pay up shows no class at all.

  13. DJ COKE says:

    people like these filipino wannabe socialites should burn in hell.. kala mo naman kung sino sila!. taena, do u actually believe that he is telling the fucking truth? bat di niyo tanungin ang may ari ng emabassy kung saan siya kumukuha ng cocaine? tsong, if you are sucking dicks for fun and getting your ass stuffed with dicks would make you cum, puta, di ka bagay sa alta de sociodad.. bagay mo sa manila city jail.. they definitely need your english speaking wannabe dick sucking mouth dun…
    mo twista, dont tell me you’ve gone south too muh man!.. DJ MONTANO, i dare you in a one on one DJ battle, lets see kung sino talaga ang mas magaling.. baka namang pwede mo akong tsupahin.. hehehehe
    yeah faggot! u can lick my ass anytime..i’ll show you what a dj should be!
    bayaran mo na si brian..nakakahiya ka.. prove it na mayaman kayo.. prove it na you grew up like a fucking king!..
    perhaps, you blew all that money buying your coke you dick head!. pay up bitch! go fuck yourself and your entire clan, you mother fucker!

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