Update on my Yaya

Well, ok Im still furious.  Tess, my kids’ yaya didn’t return, though she promised to.  Later in the evening, I found out that there was more to her unscheduled day off than I thought.  I discovered (to my utter disbelief), in the course of our exchange of text messages, that she DID NOT go home at all.  She was with her “boyfriend” since Sunday!  To make matters complicated, her family was totally clueless about it.  Her mother was in hysteria when I asked her about her daughter.  They kinda blamed me for allowing her day off. Hello…? How am I supposed to know what’s running around mher head.

Inspite of everything and my mounting anger, I did the unthinkable.  I don’t belive it and frankly, am hating myself for it.  I sort of begged her to come back.  Gosh, only for my children’s sake.  I swallowed pride and anger and acted like everything’s perfectly fine.  There were no harsh words.  AND YET…. nothing’s gained.

So as of the moment, I am officially without a BABYSITTER, and desperately looking for ONE.  I don’t know how Im going to deal with this.  Work needs me.  Talk about bad timing!  Well, the bright side is that Hubby is willing to adjust his schedule (that is, if his boss would allow).  If that happens, it’s gonna be tough for both of us.  I sure hope to find a fitting replacement ASAP.

If there’s anyone who could recommend, I’d appreciate it very much.


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